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RPM Loader mounted snow blowers and self propelled snow blowers
Cold air blowers for airports and runways clears runways lights, taxiways
US Eco Products Corporation is now offering RPM Tech snow blowers, cold air blowers, and parts.
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Saltx 1 Gallon concentrate
Saltx 1 Gallon concentrate

Saltx 1 gallon concentrate- Miraculously removes salt and Salt water from any surface and leaves protective coating that preserves and extends surface life.
The most effective Metal Protector for hundreds of applications! Use Salt-X to rinse off harmful deposits of salt from Salt Water, salt water spray and road salt used during the winter months. Industrial use to rinse salt deposits from tractors, tractor trailers, ocean containers, shipboard equipment, metal buildings, snow plows, salt spreaders, construction equipment, trains, buses, locomotives, boxcars.
Saltx Fights Rust , corrosions & Salt Water.
The Ultimate Metal Protector
Uses: Around the House, industrial uses , rinses salt deposit from tractor, trailers, ocean containers, shipboard equipments, metal building , snow plows, salt spreaders, car/truck washing, boats
USDA authorized
E.P.A. Certificate No. 02006,
US Test Method MILA-8243C
Safe to use
SaltX helps reduce the corrosiveness of salts and removes salt deposits by reducing the salt content as measured as chloride.
leaves a coating that helps inhibit corrosion
NSN - 4 x 1 Gallon Case 6850-01-385-1430
NSN - 5 Gallon Pail 6850-01-385-1326
NSN - 55 Gallon Drum 6850-01-384-7230

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